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Postdoc in Receptor Biology and Signaling
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Karolinska Institutet, Department of Physiology & Pharmacology
is looking for a postdoctoral researcher.

The research group (Receptor Biology & Signaling) concentrates on the investigation of WNT/Frizzled (FZD) signaling pathways and the importance of the scaffold protein beta-arrestin. The aim is to characterize downstream events of FZD activation in a pharmacological way. Further, the role of WNT/FZD signaling will be investigated in nociceptive neurons. The group is embedded in a strong national and international network of collaborators. Financing for the postdoctoral position (fellowship) is available.
For more information:

Schulte G, Bryja V. The Frizzled family of unconventional G-protein-coupled receptors. Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2007;28(10):518-25.
Bryja V, Cajanek L, Grahn A, Schulte G. Inhibition of endocytosis blocks Wnt signalling to beta-catenin by promoting dishevelled degradation. Acta Physiol. 2007;190(1):55-61.
Bryja V, Gradl D, Schambony A, Arenas E, Schulte G. Beta-arrestin is a necessary component of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in vitro and in vivo. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104(16):6690-5.
Bryja V, Schulte G, Rawal N, Grahn A, Arenas E. Wnt-5a induces Dishevelled phosphorylation and dopaminergic differentiation via a CK1-dependent mechanism. J Cell Sci. 2007;120:586-95.
Bryja V, Schulte G, Arenas E. Wnt-3a utilizes a novel low dose and rapid pathway that does not require casein kinase 1-mediated phosphorylation of Dvl to activate beta-catenin. Cell Signal. 2007;19(3):610-6.
Schulte G, Bryja V, Rawal N, Castelo-Branco G, Sousa KM, Arenas E. Purified Wnt-5a increases differentiation of midbrain dopaminergic cells and dishevelled phosphorylation.
J Neurochem. 2005;92(6):1550-3.

Qualifications/area of responsibilities:
PhD. The applicant should have a profound background in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, cellular signal transduction and preferentially neurobiology. Experience in cell culture, isolation of primary cells, tissue processing and staining (including animal handling), immunoblotting, and protein biochemistry, are required. Further, experiences in (confocal) microscopy, calcium signaling, or FRET/BRET techniques would be advantageous. The project is aiming to characterize WNT/FZD signaling in a detailed molecular pharmacological manner in in vitro cell systems using determination of protein phosphorylation, second messenger production, protein localization and live cell imaging. Further, detection of WNT/FZD signaling components in primary cells and tissues is planned. Thus, results from this study should increase our knowledge on molecular mechanisms in WNT/FZD signaling and their role in neuronal cells.

Further should the applicant be ambitious and devoted to the project and should have a desire to take initiatives and responsibility for running the project. Excellent knowledge in spoken and written English is also necessary.

Application procedure:
Please send your application in english marked with ref nr. 4444/2007 including following documents:
1. A full CV including date of public defense, title of thesis, previous academic appointments, academic title, current position.
2. A full publication list + 2 letters of recommendation
3. A brief outline of your previous and current work, including technical experience from various molecular and cellular biology methods
4. A cover letter

We look forward to receive your application.


Heltid,/visstidsanställning. Full time, 1 year from early 2008, possibility for extension.

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Gunnar Schulte, +46 8 52487933 Telefon,

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Göran Engberg, +46 8 52487196 Telefon, , Professor

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